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Guitarras Teodoro Pérez  - Boca aniversario

Teodoro Pérez, luthier. Spain

When in your work there is no place for haste, without a doubt, I think it is a passion and also a pride. The best time… When you hear your creation of expert hands of guitarists and they cheer us ears both in classical music as flamenco.

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Francesca Bortolaso

Francesca Bortolaso, stained glass maker. Italy

My job is surely a passion… without passion glass does not transmit beauty, brilliance and light. Glass to me is an “alive “ material, it feels the energy and vibrations of the person who is working on it.

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163 cduckworth 2

Charlotte Anne Duckworth – Silversmith

The biggest hurdle in starting up a business is continuous need to believe in yourself. There will be highs and lows, and moments where you question why you are doing what you are doing. Then every so often, you have an experience that makes the struggle worthwhile. Taking opportunities that are daunting and intimidating are all part of the job, …

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COCHERY   BLASON haut relief 5 cm x 80cm hauteur en pierre

Yvon Cochery, graveur et sculpteur depuis 1969. France

Le métier de graveur sur pierre est l’expression du corps et de l’esprit. Il permet de s’exprimer sans limite. Se surpasser au travers son métier est un exploit de tous les jours.

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161 20171005 1158191

Véronique Gardy Delanne, facteur de flûte depuis 2007. France

Je mets mon savoir-faire au service des personnes qui viennent me voir. Je travaille à l’ancienne c’est-à-dire que c’est ma flûte qui s’adapte au musicien et non l’inverse. J’aime revenir aux bases.

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Tallone editore book boxes

Elisa Tallone, letterpress printer since 2008. Italy

Everything happens in the world to end up in a book. Books are a wonderful invention, because they convey thoughts which shape the reader’s imagination and imagery. Through my profession I have the chance to offer to the readers the best possible reading experience. Is it not fascinating?

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Tipografia grifani donati - workshop

Giovanni Ottaviani, typographer. A family business since 1799. Italy

The traditional printing is returning to a new life today, more and more culturally prepared people require typographical printed products. A new interest has risen first in the U.S. and is spreading rapidly throughout Europe. In the framework of this perspective, young generations have all the potentialities to continue this wonderful job.

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Maud traon the lucky peral necklace baroque pearls labradorite hematite jet quartz marquise cut cz stones tourmaline resin glitter silver

Maud Traon, jeweller since 2010. United Kingdom

The advantage of the young generation is their natural ability with new technologies and social media which can be a big plus to showing their work. Building a jewellery business or a craft business is not easy. Keep learning all the time, to not be afraid of rejections and not live as a failure the fact that thing don’t work instantly.

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Zdeněk Manina

Zdeněk Manina, ceramist and sculptor since 1980. Czech Republic

Ceramics belongs among the oldest crafts. In fact, any shape made of clay, going through the heat of the furnace, may be considered a work of ceramics.

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Laura balzelli catene in oro copia

Laura Balzelli, jeweler and designer for 40 years. Italy

Follow your dreams and passions because you are the most important things and most satisfying of life.

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